Private location does not appear in the project records

Dear all, I hope everyone is safe and enjoying the CNC 2021. We have a question, our local rangers (about 30) have been uploading observations (about 1 thousand) with the location: private. They are members of our CNC 2021 project (Reto Naturalista 2021: Valle de Aburra) and have given permission to the project to see the location. However, only me (the administrator of the project) can see the 1500 observations in the project (the public or other users only see around 800). Is there something that we can do, besides to change the coordinates options? Thanks

Private observations are just that, private, their location is only visible to the observer and any users they have trusted with their obscured locations.

They will not appear in a collection project as no information about their location is ‘known’ to the public. The only way to make them appear in a CNC project is to not have them set to private.


Is there a reason they’re posted as hidden and not obscured?

Very likely for this project, even obscured would not work. Any observation whose obscuring buffer box fell outside the city boundaries would also be excluded, and it looks like the geography of the project covers a pretty small city area, so I’d guess most obscured records wont get in either.

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