Project duplication leads to the journal entries being visible in the app but not the website

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS and Website

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Step 1: I duplicated the project ‘Abisko Fingerprints of Change’ (, then I renamed the duplicate ‘Tarfala Flora and Fauna’ ( I then edited the new Tarfala project and changed the project area to a new uploaded georeferenced polygon (kml).

Step 2: I had hoped the journal entries would transfer over to the new project and I could then delete the ones that were not relevant. However, In the new Tarfala web project journal there was no journal entries. I then created one.

Step 3: When I go into the iOS version of iNaturalist and go to the “news” link which is equivalent to the “journal” link on the web version, the “news” feed on the iOS has all the entries from the original project. However when you look on the web project under “journal”, they are not there.

Therefore I cannot login to my project and delete the hidden journal entries in the “Tarfala Flora and Fauna” project.

screenshot, please

Yes, I think some screenshots would be really helpful here so that we know exactly which pages/screens you’re referring to.