Project for Osprey observations?

A couple months ago I posted an inquiry on the “old” iNat Google Group asking if anyone had a project for posting of Osprey obervations world wide. Magda in South Africa kindly replied that he would be willing to post his Osprey observations if I would form such a project. He has great knowledge of all the Osprey species or subspecies in the world. I wish he would form and administer the project, but I think he is too occupied with other things to do so at this time.

I hope that someone who shares our interest in the Osprey will form the project. I have read that the Osprey is found on every continent except Antartica. So I think the project will quickly have a very dramatic observation map!

Thank you and best wishes,

Jack Spruill
North Carolina

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What advantages are there in creating an Osprey project? There are currently just over 36000 Osprey observations on iNaturalist. You see a list of these or a map without creating a project.

A collection project doesn’t really need much administration. The only thing that would require work is if you wanted to create journal posts in the project. Benefits of a worldwide project for a single species that I could see:

  1. Somewhere to discuss that species.
  2. Somewhere to post information about identifying the subspecies or telling the species from other similar species (I’m not sure the second part is that relevant for the osprey)
  3. Posting information about finding & observing the species.

All of that can be done on someone’s personal journal as well (
To be able to post to a project, everyone would need to be a project admin.

Also, welcome to the iNat Forum @jspruill!


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