Quality=any is missing casual photos in the taxon photo browser

When I look at quality=any for the Capra hircus hircus photo browser, this is all there is:

But I think both this observation and this observation should be in there too – both are casual Capra hircus hircus observatioins.

Does Any include Casual or just Research and Needs ID? The Homo sapiens Any doesn’t have anything, but maybe there’s some extra restrictions on that page.

If I use quality_grade=any in Explore, I do get those two observations. I would expect the same behavior from quality grade=any in the photo browser.

Only if verifiable=any as well, because if that isn’t specified it defaults to only verifiable observations. It doesn’t look like you can manipulate that in the photo browser though, and I’m not sure the photo browser will default in the same way.

These load the same thing:

As do these:

So maybe the photo browser is set to only verifiable observations. (There’s also the possibility I didn’t enter those URLs correctly.)

have photos from casual observations ever shown up on that photo browser? just looking at what the page is doing, it’s pretty clear that it’s pulling photos from only verifiable observations: