Question about displaying traditional project field data statistically

Platform: Website, Chrome browser.


Description of problem:

I created a traditional project, which lists me as the current admin and manager. I added the existing optional field Name of Associated Plant, but noticed I can’t see associated records/stats. When I click Edit Project and Edit field, it returns to the project homepage and says “You don’t have permission to do that” (same url as above). Update: I may not need to edit this field. I’m more so wondering if projects allow displaying or analyzing project field data in any statistical way, e.g. how Discover Life lists all known floral hosts underneath each pollinator species.

i don’t see a bug here.

in the Observation Fields section of the traditional project edit page, it tells you that “Fields can only be edited by the people who created them and site curators”:


in this case, you’re neither a site curator (which is different from a project curator) nor the person who created the Name of Associated Plant observation field:

it’s not entirely clear to me what you mean here, but maybe try this:

What I’m looking to do may not have turned out to be associated with editing the field. I’m also aware of the distinction between site and project curators, although the Help docs don’t clearly explain if site curators creating projects can do additional things users can’t and if so what. Your url idea works as a manual start, although I was wondering if project pages themselves have any options for displaying or analyzing field-related data. Because once a project has numerous observations it would be difficult to manually analyze that data. For example, Discover Life shows a list of plant hosts on each bee species page. If “stats” like that ever become added as a new feature on iNat, they could quantify how many times each plant is visited, how many different pollinators each plant receives, how many plants each pollinator visits (and how many times), etc., all just by using the field-association data. I assume there may not be an option to generate or view things like this currently, so will recategorize this topic to General.

i don’t see why this would be any different for just a few observations vs a whole lot of observations.

but i think if you want to discuss that sort of thing, you really should start a new topic rather than just change the title of an existing thread, since that puts all the existing posts on the thread out of context. and on that note, i’m going to leave this thread since the original issue seems to be resolved.

I just recategorized the topic because it’s not a bug, to not clutter up the other category. It still reads clearly, the top text is the same and I indicated where I made an update. As for the stats question, I wasn’t phrasing that as a topic to discuss, just wondering if projects currently do that or not, which I now assume is not. I agree that the question is solved.

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