Question about iNat Google login?

Hi all.

I have a question about iNat Google login.

I log into to my iNat account via the Google option however iNat (on Chormium Edge or iOS Safari) never remebers my session. Closing the tab or returning to it after several hours results in having to login all over again.

This is not only a little annoying but it also generates a security alert emails every time a log in. This goes for both the Gmail account linked to iNat and my backup Gmail account. Having to login in several times a day therfore results in two gmail inboxes getting clogged with these security emails.

Any assistance with resolving this issue would be grately appreciated.

Thanks, Liam

Appologies if this is the wrong place for this question - mods: feel free to move.

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Yes, I had the same problem when I used to log in with Google! (Google Chrome and/or Firefox, I switched browsers recently, and I’m not sure how the timing lined up)

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