Recorder's Names For UK Hoverfy Recording Scheme

Roger Morris of the UK Hoverfly Recording Scheme has just posted a request on Facebook as he has a number of recorder’s names on the database which are pseudonyms or webnames and he needs to be able to tie them to actual people’s names. If any of the names are yours could you please contact him on Facebook. His FB post with the list of pseudonyms is shown below:

Roger Morris

UK Hoverflies

5 m ·

Here is a teaser for a few of you. Stuart and I are trying to reconcile the names on the database of Recorders. This is a list of pseudonyms or web names that we have but don’t know who they are!

(2xtrouble) (8mm and other stuff) (acdprt) (adamthezebra) (adpully) (afterforty) (algo) (andrew_ww) Inspiration (anne) (arborist) (archimandrill) (atlass) (aubz56) (awildrover) (barniegoog) (bear) (billdsym) (bircheno) (bluesboy2011) (bobtaylor23) (brightonsinger) Daley (bunto1) (christian16000) (corophium) (countrypix) (crazyrazor1) (davidzz) (ddarno) (dioctria) (dollylove) (drbut) (eagle42) (ellieslion) (ennor) (erebia) (ermintrude75) (flickr_15038) (fluffy69) (fozzeee) (franiek) (fungorum) (future_squirrel) (geckoo76) (GI) Clegg (gravettian) (guineapig-Crazy) (gypsie2) (harleyannie) (hector16) (hevinlosty) (holfo) (hov1s@) (huddsbirder) (ikb) (innpictime) (izzy’S-Photos) (jal71) (jo1966) (joebelle) (jomike) (jus’Fi) (karl101) (kat8606) (kevin-64) (kevinarchaeo) (kim) (kürvz) (ladyinrosso) (little-Acorns) (londieone) (markbugman) (markyd31) (mayaplus) (monelly2011) (msnew) [mtb1975(chesterfield)] (mute) (naturesam9) (newarkbelle) (norms360) (NorthernTeacher) (nre) (oldt1mer) (ollie_57) (padski1945) (peet-Astn) (philspics) (picfreak42) (pwllgwyngill) (quimby) (r4foto) (raptor996) (rdx209) (reaspring) (red_bloduwedd) (Robw-) (roslin999) (scotswahey) (shaggy) O’Dowd (shastajak) (shazza39) (silverfish51) (sojr) (sootysky) (stevecollection2008) (stormcrowuk) (strussler) (sunnydale) (susan88) (swjuk) (sybalan) (the_beast) (THRASH600D) (tierdagain) (tiggrx) (trisail) (unknown) (veggiesosage) (vicki) (vm1981) (waterbaby21) (waxyjo) (whu) (williamsnr) (wraith34) (wynpembs) (yvdpep_re64) (zebart) (zoliver)

Any help much appreciated!


I searched some of these on iNaturalist and nothing came up. Are these usernames from iNaturalist or somewhere else? On iNaturalist you can go to the user’s profile page and their full name will often be there.

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I think a mix of iNat and elsewhere?
There is one I see at least who is a regular here.

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