Replace reviewed Identify observations with new ones all from one page

Instead of reviewed observations fading grey as they currently do, they’d be individually replaced with new ones in their place when reviewed. This would remove the need to have numbered pages at the bottom of Identify to switch between. There would also still be an additional, separate option to refresh (replace) all observations on the page, but obs. could be identified individually too. So to clarify, you’d still be able to do everything you currently do (nothing lost), it would just be faster to do all from one page. People have seemed to like designs like this when used in other platforms like video games.

I approved this request for now, but considering the many slowdowns and other issues with Identify, anything that would add to that is unlikely to be implemented. I’ll have to check with our developers.


Okay, I don’t understand the current dev or what would change for dev if this change was made, although wasn’t assuming it would necessarily need to slow the page speed time. I assumed no change in speed. The overall change to allow working all from one page (vs clicking on page numbers, for those who use them at least) would possibly increase speed (at least, not require clicking buttons at the bottom).

It both sounds cool and can be really not good when you want to revisit the obs. marked reviewed and still on the page in normal situation, it would fly away in thousands of reviwed obs and you’ll never find it again. Identify is really slow, many photos stay blank for minutes, so situation definitely shouldn’t become worse.


I like to skip around. I do IDs for plants left at high levels (plant, flowering plant, dicot, etc.) so I end up with a mix of lots of different species. Sometimes I just do species I can recognize easily. Sometimes I do ones that I need to look at closely for diagnostic details and/or need to look at keys to ID. Sometimes I just ID things down to family (or order, tribe, etc) level for groups I’m not very familiar with. Your plan seems like it wouldn’t work for me.

In order to avoid the problems with the pages refreshing, I work backwards. So for example I will go to 5 and when I’ve done the ones on that page I want to tackle, I go to page 4. If I had gone to page 6 instead, some obs will have moved to page 5. If I continue going up in page number I end up not seeing as many as I ID. If I go down in page number this isn’t a problem.


Hitting “F5” or refresh on your browser does what the request seems to be asking for the “refresh all” function part at least. It will result in loading up the next set of observations that you haven’t IDed or reviewed.


Doesn’t that cause all the photos (thumbnails) to reload? That is wasteful for people who have limited data for the month. Also takes longer if you have a slow connection.

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Yes, but that seems to be what OP was asking for. The request was:

I’m not sure whether the old thumbnails would get redownloaded or pulled from browser cache. But I think the refresh would only be useful if you’d reviewed most observations. Refreshing just to get a few new observations on a large page isn’t very efficient regardless.

I dunno, I use f5 a lot, even when only a small portion of obs. are reviewed, just to get rid of them from the page.

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I realized this, I said there could still be an option. I meant the refresh option would remain, although it’s only a secondary part of the request. The main request is to let individual reviewed obs. be replaced by non-reviewed ones, which has some benefits refresh-all doesn’t address (e.g. leaving some obs. on page before reviewing while others reviewed would be replaced, vs. replacing all obs. at once), and also remove the need for the numbered page buttons.

I don’t understand what wouldn’t work. Identify would work the same as now for searching taxa (order, family, genus, species) and locations. The only difference would be individual obs. disappear and are replaced after being reviewed. This would also make it unneeded for results to need to be navigated by page number buttons. The identifier would still get access to all the obs., and their “ordering” could also be changed using a refresh all option. Unless you’re asking whether the initial obs. that display would either be most recent ones or in random order. I could accept either designs, so the request isn’t dependent on that specific question.

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I’m already doing that. I usually work on flowering plants in southeast Texas. I do 8 per page to reduce load time and scrolling (which can give me motion sickness). I change my page to zoom 170% so I end up with 2 rows of 4. Makes it easier to see which ones I want to click on to ID or mark as reviewed to skip ones I don’t know.

Sometimes I change it up and do “plants” instead of just “flowering plants” to catch ones that have not been IDed down to “flowering plants” or do “unknown” for the same reason. Or I will change to working on all of east Texas, or Louisiana or Arkansas instead. I’m always doing old stuff. Newer stuff usually someone will ID down to a lower level than flowering plants and someone else will catch it when searching by their favorite family or genus.

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I’ve updated the request text and hope it’s clearly explained now.