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Not sure what you are calling the main sections, but it would be nice to have one called ‘Curator’s Corner’ or something similar where topics specific to curating can be centralized.



Definitely a good idea. Should it be open to all, or just people who are curators on iNat (looking to see if something like that is possible).

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I would think it best to get feedback from others.

On the one hand there is something to be said for everone being able to read it and contribute. I can also see value in a private section, where certain more confidential things could be posted and discussed(as an example I see a troll we have had trouble with is back on the site today, being able to post to look out for their ‘contributions’ in a private setting has benefits too)



Maybe the Curator category should be open to all, but then have a separate private category specifically for dealing with people-based/moderation issues, whether the issue occurred on the forum or on the iNat site proper. I would assume anyone who effectively moderates those types of issues as a curator on iNat would be a moderator here as well, so that category could be restricted to site staff and forum moderators. (Many curators want nothing to do with those types of issues.)

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I agree. There have been times when we didn’t want to talk about troll issues on the public forum, for a variety of reasons including ‘troll feeding’ and calling attention to dog piling type issues. There should be, somewhere, a place for discussion of those issues by that subset of people. It kind of points to a larger issue that cassi references where different people are curators for different reasons and don’t do all the curator tasks or need/want all the curator ‘abilities’.