Requests exceed Bubble of joy

I would like to thank everyone for their help. I remain mystified, but it is likely my misunderstanding than the program’s! It is nice to have a community.

Because you don’t get too many to show that. It’s 20+ I think when it shows, but I can’t remember.

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This is why the other method just mentioned by @pisum is so wonderful.

Oops. I ignore the notifications as such, just using the angry red number to remind me to work thru my dashboard list. I like to sort thru that list. Opening some in a new tab. Clicking show more for others. Unfollowing where I have reached the limit of my interest.

When I started I was so overwhelmed by ANY notifications, that I ignored them all. Then it took me a long time to chew thru my backlog.

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Catastrophe? As in disaster?

When you’re clicking on the top right bubble icon and there’s over 12, either it will show them all in the dropdown list right under it or there will be a button at the bottom of the list to click to view more. Once you click the bubble icon once the icon will change to indicate there are no new indications. But at least sometimes if you click on it again and it will show the same dropdown list again.

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Just using @dianastuder 's words!

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The button at the bottom of the list just takes me back to my Dashboard which has no further information that I can find. I feel like I’m going in a circle.

You don’t get enough of them then to even have another button. Anyway dashboard has all the notifications you get, what exactly you’re looking for?

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At this point, I’m not sure anymore!

I messed around on my dashboard and found some stuff that I did not know about, and I think my problem is solved. I haven’t really looked at it since I set it up a few years ago. I apologise, and thank everyone for their forbearance and help!

It’s this - from Zorba the Greek

In that context, it’s even more funny!!

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