Researcher Looking for Interview Participants About Their iNaturalist Experience for Masters Thesis Work


(I asked for permission to post this, and was able to get MOD permission beforehand)

My name is Carla Bamesberger, and I am a student and researcher from Colorado State University working toward a degree in Public Communication and Technology. I am looking for people who use one of the following apps: iNaturalist, Pokemon Go, Ingress, or Litterati to participate in a one-on-one phone interview for my thesis work. I am currently conducting a research study exploring the possible relationship between augmented reality apps (which I am calling location aware mixed reality mobile apps) such as Pokemon Go and a person’s experience with the places around them. The thesis study is titled *Engaging reality: Examining how mixed reality mobile apps enhance sense of place for a more engaged citizenry.

I’m looking for participants who are 18 and older. They need to have been using the app for at least one month, using it at least once per week, and use it around the town or city where they live. The one-time interview will take place over the phone or using the audio calling feature of Skype, and will run approximately 40-60 minutes in length. Interview times are flexible and will be scheduled based on your convenience.

I will collect your name, the name of your home city or town, and will be interviewing you about your use of the app. All identifying information (name, city or town) will be replaced by pseudonyms and never released publicly or shared with other researchers. These identifiers will be retained by the researcher in a secure location until the end of the study, at which time they will be deleted.

Participants may choose to withdraw from the study at any time. The interview will be recorded for transcription purposes (which will be used for analysis), and the recordings will be kept in a secured location.

For more information, or if you are interested in participating, please contact:

Carla Bamesberger & David Wolfgang

Master’s Student

Colorado State University



I’m open to help! Is this only to US citizen? I’m chilean, living in Chile, if possible, just hit me up



sounds interesting. Unfortunately my life is pretty ridiculously busy right now, and it’s unlikely i could do a phone call or Skype, but if you would be open to questions answered by email, i’d probably be able to do that. I’ve been using iNat since 2011 and use the app a lot. I dabbled with pokemon go but didn’t use it for very long.