Restricting GPS on specific observations, not endangered

Is there a way to restrict GPS information on specific observations which are not endangered? I post for phenologic reasons and whether by chance or because of my postings, I have noticed fewer turtles, very large alligators and snakes in certain locations I’ve posted. At a recent paddling Zoom meeting, a paddler who is a retired forester, when this question was raised said that there is pouching of turtles and larger alligators may be targets of alligator hunters during the season.
Clearly, if the observation GPS is being used in such a way, and an animal is captured, it invalidates the phenologic observation.
However, for other postings, I’d like to make that information available to others for research or other legitimate reasons – I don’t want a filter put on the data.
I just joined the forum, so if this has been discussed (I did do a search), I apologize. Please reference me to that discussion.


Welcome to the forum! Yes, you can restrict specific location data, except for trusted users you designate, by using the Obscure setting. You can do it when you upload, or go back and edit your sensitive records later.


As a suggestion, if you feel the need to obscure the coordinates for an observation, it’s probably worthwhile to do so for any other observations you made in that area for the day.


Also, if you have been doing any backyard observations, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdowns, you may want to mark all of them obscured for your own privacy.

“hey this person logged 1000 observations in this one place in the summer of 2020… I bet that’s where they live.”


Welcome to the forum @MFeaver @rodmacpherson!


Thanks for just the answer I needed. And all your welcomes.

that is why I made a pinned location for my suburb. Centred on the Civic Centre, with the circle large enough to include my home.

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