RG obs. delay before becoming "photos chosen for this taxon" options

When editing taxa pages to choose the main photos to display, photos for research grade category have a delay before they show up as options. For example, if an observation was made RG today, it may take some days to show up in the RG category on the taxa page options.

Someone said there is a workaround using the obs number to force it in.

Okay, how is that done? In case I was unclear, the RG photos do eventually show up as taxa page photos options, but they didn’t seem to show up immediately upon becoming RG on observation pages, only sometime later.

Enter the observation number in the search box.


Okay that seems to work. While we’re talking about this, just wondering:

When new RG obs. are added to the viewable RG photo options via the normal/automatic process, do they appear as the first photos, last photos, or is there no order? It would be ideal if they appeared first, if not already.

What exactly does cause the delay for them to be added, just to know?

When the workaround works, was the photo not yet added to RG options prior, or was it hidden in there somewhere? (sometimes there’s so many photos it’s difficult to check them all to know).

Example: I just tried it with
The workaround (which I didn’t click on after finding) worked for: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/93337031 (which was made RG 9/10/21).

Another work around for selecting photos (or the primary photo) for a taxon page is to change the “Photos from” drop-down menu to “Observations” rather than “RG Observations”. This, of course, should be done with caution since you don’t want to choose a Needs ID observation (or recently upgraded RG observation) which is incorrectly IDed. If you’re looking for a recently upgraded RG observation, this strategy will only be useful when there are a small to moderate number of all observations of that taxon. Otherwise you might be sorting through hundreds of images to find the one you want.

I had also seen a similar delay happen with this, maybe due to observations having only recently been identified as the species in general (even only to casual grade so far). So I’m wondering if both casual and RG are delayed. Secondly I’m wondering if a very recent ID (casual or RG) would show up on the first page of photos options (doesn’t seem to), last page, or if they’re all mixed each time and there’s no order photos are shown in.