RG with only lat, no lon

This RG observation has only a latitude, no longitude. Seems to me that both should be necessary for RG.


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When I open the link, I see a casual grade observation.

Same for me.

Only because the location was manually marked as inaccurate. If you vote that it’s accurate, it becomes research grade again.

I agree that obs without lat or lon should be casual grade without requiring a user to mark it as location inaccurate.


I don’t think the longitude is really missing. In the user’s observation list, the location is shown as 0.0334820132, 0.0 (Google, OSM). When I tried deleting the longitude in one of my own RG obs, it immediately went to casual grade, and only showed the latitude in my observations list.

The latitude for this observation is suspicious as well, because the most southerly observations of Procyon lotor on iNat are about 8°N (Southern Panama). Since this record was uploaded via the iNat App, it may be that the original geodata from the phone was screwy. All of the user’s other observations are from the San Antonio area.

The location probably started at 0,0 and was moved slightly. We’ll take a look.