Role of two species of fungi in the ecosystem

Hi everyone, recently in a hike in a new place here in the italian western Alps I’ve found and maybe identified this two species of mushrooms:
I’ve done some researches on the internet but I’ve found barely any informations on them
so, I was wandering if anyone has some knowledge on those species or just the genus and-or could tell me something more

These species are relatively common. The fruiting bodies grow from spring to autumn, on bare soil, on fallen plant debris, on burnouts, usually in deciduous and coniferous forests.

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For common species, they sure haven’t been observed much!

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@zdanko hahaha I agree!
@radekwalkowiak thank you so much for the help in the identification and also here in the forum! Really appreciated!

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The most common species on the planet doesn’t have any iNat observations and isn’t even in the species dictionary.
Pelagibacter ubique

Common organism often require specialists to identify them, and in the case of Pelagibacter ubique to even observe them.


That’s interesting, and as you say a lot of the living life is microscopic or not known by the majority so it’s needed a specialist to even see those species. I’m just a beginner in the world of fungi and macrophotography and I’m seeing the deepness of this world and the little knowledge that there is.
thanks also for the answer!

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