Runner when I try to eat

how do we manage a runner bean when food is consumed?

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I may not understand your question, so I’m just guessing if you are asking if it should be labeled Captive/Cultivated vs Wild?

As runner beans are usually a crop food, I think you can safely mark it as Cultivated.

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You may want to check out getting started or video tutorials to help you clarify your question about iNaturalist.

I think it is usually not a good idea to try to turn items like runner beans on a food plate into iNat observations, because you usually don’t know where exactly they were grown or when.

iNat is supposed to be primarily for wild organisms. If you managed to photographed a runner bean plant in someone’s garden or field, it would be cultivated, not wild, but at least you would know exactly where and when it was growing.

To be honest, you may want to just go outside and photograph any weeds that are growing up beside a sidewalk, or any similar place. It’s actually not hard to find something wild to photograph. Any fly or ant or spider will do, as well, even if it is indoors.


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