Seeing Seaside and Saltmarsh sparrows in and around Manhattan

So I am travelling to New York City in July and I only have a limited time slot and I like to get the chance to see either the Seaside or the Saltmarsh sparrows since I’m kind of obsessed with them and we don’t have them in the west. So I was wondering if there were any places near Manhattan where I would have my best chance of seeing them. It needs to be relatively close as I can’t drive, but I’m willing to take ferries and the subway as well as walk. I am aware that the Saltmarsh sparrow is rare-ish and endangered so I have limited expectations of seeing them. Any help would be appreciated, along with any other bird-watching tips and locations in NYC.

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Neither of those species are reliably gettable in Manhattan proper, especially this time of year; you’d have to get out to Long Island to really have a good shot at them. You might get lucky at Plumb Beach, in south Brooklyn, though that’s more of a passage spot for those two sp., as far as I’m aware; depending on when in July you’ll be there, you might be a bit early.

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Yes, you won’t see these in Manhattan, and even if you go further out, seeing them will be a bit iffy. Zoom in on the iNat taxon maps for both of those species, and you will see there are not a lot of observations of either species very near the city.

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