SEEK: Error not translated / in wrong language

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Platform (Android):

App version number, if a mobile app issue (2.14.6 [263]):

Step 1: Enter correct username/pw

Step 2: An error occurs, but in a wrong languague

Step 3:

I couldn’t find the error string at the translation platform:
so it’s not available for translation. The programmers have to add the string

There is a translation available for this error message:,%20expired,%20revoked,%20does%20not%20matc

Yeah but that’s for the website, not for Seek

I wonder if it is advisable to mark this topic as ‘solved’.
Yes, there is an explanation, but the initial issue, a missing string, still exists; and even if it might not be considered as a true bug (:wink:), I consider the bug category as an appropriate location to alert the developers about missing translations, with the possibility to provide screenshots.
I find it more cumbersome to address these issues within Crowdin