"Service temporarily unavailable. Please try again in -417 seconds" message on Android after scheduled downtime

Looks fixed now but I was getting an error message saying the service was temporarily unavailable even though it was after the scheduled end time. It was telling me to check back in an increasingly negative amount of time. (Also it was counting down in hours/minutes/seconds and only counting up in seconds.) Android 1.20.25 using data.


I love this particular error! Such a thoroughly computer-like thing to do. Absolutely precise and totally senseless.


Looks like iNat maintenance scheduled to complete @ 2:00 in your time zone and it went went over by at least 7 minutes (your screen shot says it was 2:07) which is pretty close to 417 seconds. Since the count down would have been to 2:00 (your time zone), it was sort of polite that the system was letting you know they were overtime in negative terms. Kind of humorous as @sedgequeen mentioned.