Should ID’s of lonesome George be eligible for research grade?

For context, lonesome George was a pinta island giant tortoise who died in 2012, he was the last member of his species

Whilst exploring, I noticed that every ID of him was marked as “casual”

Considering he lived in a nature reserve, shouldn’t his ID’s be considered of research grade?

Doesn’t any observation of a captured or cultivated species automatically go to “casual?”

When I checked some observations, I noticed more than one person were marking it as “cultivated/captured”

Yeah, that’s what I mean. Lonesome George was captive, therefore his observations are casual by the inat criterion.


Yes, they should probably all be casual if they were taken when he was in captivity (which they appear to be). There is one that is RG.

Interestingly, the default geoprivacy for Chelonoidis abingdonii is “obscured” even though the taxon is extinct and his location at the Charles Darwin Research Center was well-known and published in all kinds of media.

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Makes sense to me. In the very unlikely case of one being observed in the wild, the observation would go to obscured immediately which I think is good. lonesome George us for sure a special case, but I get that you cannot accound for every weird twirk.


Unless there were any photos from around 1971 when George was discovered in the wild.

Chelonoidis abingdonii may not be extinct:


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