Show the number of returns for any Identify filtered search


When I set up an Identify session, I’d like to know how many observations I’m about to plow through. The “explore” function reportss the number of observations that are being returned from a filter. I would like to see the “identify” function do that too.


I set the per_page=100 and then I can look at the number of pages and just add 00 onto the last to see how many there are. Of course, the last isn’t a full page, so the home straight is often a quick dash!

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That would work, but where do you set that?


If you look to the right side of the Identify page, just above the list of identifiers, there’s a bar that shows you how many observations you’ve reviewed, and how many total observations match your search criteria.

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Thanks, I never knew what that was.

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Me neither.


add it to the url (I go off a saved query/filter anyway). I find it easier than doing the (simple) math on the totals psweet mentions, but it does involve “end” and “home” keys being pressed as well)

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