Silphidae doesn't exist as of yesterday

Sorry, I’m not a curator, just put it here so it gets attention from the curators. Yesterday, a paper was published by some reputable coleopterists. It examined the ancestry of Staphylinidae and Silphidae, and determined that Silphidae should be placed in Staphylinidae. This being said, they dissolved the family. They left all of the subfamilies and genera intact, only difference is in that they are in a different family.

Can someone make these changes?

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So all of Siphildae needs to be changed to a new subfamily, Silphinae?

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Heads up, the best place to focus on this is the flag itself, as more people will see it there + will be able to discuss the change vs. on this thread here.


Yes, I am of the opinion this forum topic should be closed so that we can consolidate discussion there.

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