Simple 'Last seen' text/icon on Species suggestion menu and/or # seen

The ‘seen nearby’ tab doesn’t seem to take in to consideration the amount of time since an observation has been made or rarity of things it suggests are ‘nearby’.
Case in point: A certain bird was suggested to me as being ‘seen nearby’ when I was looking up birds in an area, so I decided to see if I could spot one. After coming home empty-handed I looked closer and realized that species had been seen nearby only once ever in the area, a decade ago. In this instance the ‘seen nearby’ is technically true, but not of much help.
It would be nice if next to where it says ‘seen nearby’ it said (Last: 7d 5w 3y etc.) to indicate how long since one was saw. The font color for ‘seen nearby’ could even just be changed depending how recent/long its been/ Black = recent, Red = 1yr+ etc.
The colored text would probably look a bit messy/busy and isn’t as important as the time info being displayed though.
While we’re at it a counter of the number of observations seen nearby could be helpful also.
I think if you could see all that info on the species suggestion form it might help to make better decision what species you may be looking at. In this instance I would have been able to see one had been observed ever and not give it too much thought.
Crappy mock’up 'cuz why not?:

Whilst ‘seen nearby’ does not take into account time since seen as you describe, it does consider time in one way: the seen nearby tag is based on both distance (within 100km) and “observed around that time of year (45 days before and after, in any year)”