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Best way to share an observation either on Facebook or Twitter with one click.

If this is not already there(I can not find), it would be nice.
I’ve been logging into the website cut&pasting the ULR into FB& Twitter. Looking to streamline the process


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If you’re referring to the app, on Android at least, there is a share button in the upper right of every observation:

(sorry for duplicate, I think you also asked this on Twitter?)



I wish the iNat integration “social media” features were better.

The button bouteloua pointed out is hard to see (I also had to ask on the forums to learn about it).

The button just shares the URL to the web page (which is fine), but the full web page isn’t built for mobile devices and thus is hard to use on a phone. A part of me wants the iNat URLs to open in the iNat app (if installed on the device), but at the same time I’m not sure, because the app has some inconvenient limitations (can’t easily view full Wikipedia article, etc.).

On the old forum people also talked about wanting a more simplistic page that can be shared (sort of like an info card, or “embedded” observation).



Perfect reply! Followed by sound of hand on forehead.

I agree with Henry! But things have just made a huge step forward for me today.

Cheers and thanks to you both, H

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