Some questions + hello from a beginner

Welcome the forum and site.

Guides are an old unsupported feature on the site, which ones got made is a bit random. People still can work on them and do new ones, but there are no guarantees about what exist.

2 other options you can learn to use.

Please note that on the Explore tab, the species summary is limited to 500 species, and is sorted in frequency of observations, so for something like plants, you may need to further filter for instance to Dicots, Monocots, etc to come under the 500 limit.

Alternatively you can use the checklist for a place and filter to the kind of things you want to look at. Checklists if completed properly will include things both reported and not reported in tems of observations, but allow a little less flexibility in terms of scanning through records etc.

Here is the Israeli national checklist with no applied filters

You are correct that it typically takes longer for plants to be reviewed, and in the end a lower percentage of them (along with fungi) tend to ever get identified. This is discussed here :

There is no absolute rule about distance or separate individuals as observation. Under the absolute strictest reading of the guidelines the site has written, every individual, even if they are 2 plants a meter apart need to be separate records. Most folks on the site are not really willing to do that level of entry. No approach you take is ‘wrong’ (if they are the same individual organism, then all photos of that should go into 1 observation).

You can read more here