South China Bioblitzes 中国东南生物多樣性速查

Is anyone interested in organizing some formal or informal bioblitzes this summer in SE China? Hong Kong, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, and possibly other places.

有没有谁要一起组织一些 生物多樣性速查?八月份,在香港,广东,广西,海南,其它地方也行。


I would like to know how are those organized in general. Bioblitzes and city nature challenges.

China bioblitz is a great idea! I visited China last year and I met a lot of potential iNaturalist users!

To answer your question @kastani The City Nature Challenge is a global deal that happens once a year and was initiated by California Academy of Sciences and Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

You can do a Bioblitz where ever and whenever you want as far as I can tell. I’ve participated in a few that only had a few people. For example:

You can create a “project” page for you BioBlitz if you’d like and that can help collect everyone’s observations in the same place.


I wondered how to say “bioblitz” in Chinese!
我想知道 “bioblitz” 中文怎么说!

生物多樣 = biodiversity (shengwu duoyang)
性速 = speed / quick (xingsu)
查 = check (cha)

Thank you, mrfish33!

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生物多样性 is the first part and 速查 is the second. You were really close!

(Hmm… feels like somebody should come up with something that’s catchier than seven syllables.)

Here we go, CORRECTLY this time:

生物多樣性 = biodiversity (shēng​wù​duō​yàng​xìng)
速 = speed/quick (sù)
查 = check (chá)

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