Spanish name appears for Wilson's Warbler

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Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome Version 100.0.4896.88 (Official Build) (x86_64)


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Description of problem:

Step 1: With all site preferences set to English, visit the taxon page for Wilson’s Warbler

Step 2: The common name will be listed as “Reinita de Wilson” instead of “Wilson’s Warbler”

Although all settings are set to English, the displayed name for Cardellina pusilla appears in Spanish (Reinita de Wilson) on both the taxon page and in observations. I thought this was an error in the name for this species, so I was going to flag it for curation, but in the list of names, the English name is still listed as Wilson’s Warbler, so I believe something else may be going on

I removed the places that were assigned to the name - try refreshing the page and let me know if you see the English name now.


It now appears in English. Thank you so much!

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