Spittlebug ID resources for North America?

Does anyone have any resources for IDing North American spittlebugs (superfamily Cercopoidea)? I have a couple for 'hoppers, but can’t find any for these guys.


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@hopperdude215 would be a good person to ask.

Bugguide is great for stuff like this … though the site is unaccountably down at the moment.

Ack - hope they get it fixed soon!
I usually start by getting an AI suggestion on iNat, then checking it out on BugGuide. Which works for critters I’m kinda familiar with, where I know how much I don’t know. But I don’t even know how common look-alikes are in the spittlebug world, so am looking for a key, or something like.

Found one: “The Spittlebugs of Canada. Homoptera: Cercopidae”

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