Stacking Places Within Each Other?

I noticed that many places are listed as being within another location. For example, the City of Guelph, Ontario is listed as being inside North America. But why isn’t Guelph listed as being inside the province of Ontario, which is within the country of Canada, belonging to the continent of North America? Is there any way for me to change the places in which a place falls under, to fix this somewhat?

Because most cities in the map database are user created and they don’t know about or how to link into the geography hierarchy.

I believe only curators can edit existing places.

I moved Guelph into the hierarchy, properly nested under Wellington county.

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I guess I’m one of those users who doesn’t know about or how to link into the geography hierarchy. How do you do that? If I go to edit my places, I see a pull-down for parent category but the only choices there are for continents. I don’t see anywhere I could get it down to finer level.

Just start typing the name of the location.

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There are many places that I think will probably never have their parent location edited by their original creator. Is becoming a curator the only way for me to fix them?

I see, thanks for the tip. This doesn’t seem very intuitive or self-explanatory. I saw the pull down and completely missed where you can type something in, and probably even if I had seen it I wouldn’t have known what to use it for.

Also, thank you for fixing Guelph in the hierarchy

Many of them are locked to edit even for curators, there seems to be no obvious commonality to which can be edited by curators and which are locked. So while as a curator you get the ability to edit them, there is no guarantee they will be editable, if that makes sense.

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Yes, that makes sense. Do you know if wanting to fix places is even reason enough to be granted curator status? Do I need to specialize in a taxon too?

You don’t have to specialize in a taxon. (There are curators who specialize, of course.) A desire to help and agreeing to abide by the Curator Guide and iNaturalist policies is generally sufficient, provided you’ve been an active member of the community for a sufficient period of time.


Some places are ‘standard’ and some places are ‘’ GEMEENSCHAP CURATED’’. I guess curators can only edit ‘’ GEMEENSCHAP CURATED’’ and that the standard places.

Maybe standard are the level1 and level2 areas which are mentioned in

There is no functionality to flag a place.

Curators can not edit standard places, and as mentioned above, there are some community created places that are locked to editing for curators as well, for some unclear reason.

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