Started Project, Location not recognized, USGS quad too large

I have started a project for Widewater State Park in Virginia, I am a ranger there. While setting up the project I am unable to narrow the area down below the USGS quad, which is far too broad. How do I narrow it down, or how do I go about getting the park recognized the same way national parks are? I’d be happy with even just the peninsula from the train-tracks down.

If you have a kml of the park the easiest thing to do is just to make a new place using that boundary. You can also hand-draw the polygon if you don’t have a kml, but it’s definitely preferable to have an accurate boundary if possible.

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If you’re drawing the boundary, I’ve found it’s easier to draw it in Google my maps than on the ‘make a place’ page. I then export it as KML and import it in iNaturalist to make the place.

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Thank you all! I’m working on it in maps now. I got a rough line done last night.

It took me a few attempts to figure out how to make the KML file. In another post, I post a picture of what the file should look like.

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