Subgenus does not get RG


In this example, when ticking NO to ‘Can the ID still be improved’ the observation grade changes to ‘Casual’, but should becom RG, as it has to IDs on subgenus level:

I guess it has problems with the subgenus taxon level?

In constrast here, with only one ID at subgenus and another at genus level, the observation receives RG:



In your second example, you shouldn’t yet mark it as community ID cannot be improved, because with a single subgenus ID, the community ID is still at genus.

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This wasn’t meant to stay that way, just to raise attention and to understand how the system works. Neither of those two examples seems to be correct, the first should not change to casual, and the second (with one vote for genus and one for subgenus) should not get RG on subgenus level. As Tony got the attention on the issue, I will remove my votes in both cases.

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It appears to be due to the first user’s opting out of community ID. I’ve run into this on some observations at the genus-level, and the opt-out has been the sole commonality. Even if the observer gives the same ID, it currently won’t enter RG at a supra-generic level unless the observer hits the “cannot be improved” button and will instead be forced into casual grade.