Suggestion of "Observation of the week"

My suggesion is about This unexpected fern hybrid
I do suggest to choose this as “observation of the week”. My reasons for: My added ID suggestion is pending for verification by investigation of samples taken by @lern
As far as i know, such kind of “intercontinental hybrid” has been found and verified twice in southern England, UK, published in 2001, in case i rememer right (will look after).
Such may happen, as alien Western Sword Fern is cultivated as ornamental in UK and casually does sees out (“spores out”). The other, native parent, P. setiferum is pretty common at British Isles. One might think: “So what, it’s just a hybrid, perhaps enduring some decades?” True - BUT such casual hybrids are chances for evolution of new, successful species’. How that? By a change that led to many recent plants, including the most important ones for mankind. For usual sterile hybrids may happen to bear fully fertile descendands with doubled number of chromosomes, giving rise to proceeded evolution.
For what use another kind of shild fern? Got no answer, am still trying to give up the “useless question for the use”.

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absolutely agree!

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Yes, this is amazing!

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