Syncing is NOT effective in Redmi K30 Ultra / Android app stuck in "Preparing-Cleaning up-Syncing" loop

Platform: Android.

App version: 1.23.1(490)


Problem: Android app stuck in “Preparing-Cleaning up-Syncing” loop.
I am using iN app in Redmi K30 Ultra, and I find that I can’t have some of my observations renewed, even though I renew it with my own. I have to search my observations every time in order to make sure that all my observations have been uploaded. Worsely, some of them can’t be renewed at all even though I log out and log in again.
This really bother me, and I am trully want to know how to solve it, cause using iN with browser is quite hard in China.

Step 1: Take a photo with location in Redmi K30 Ultra;

Step 2: Upload it on iN app, 1.23.1(490) in Redmi K30 Ultra, android paltform;

Step 3: Search your onservations and find that some of them are NOT renewed and uploaded;

Step 4: Renew on your own and then pull-refresh, you can see the syncing model running on itself, always aware you that some observations are NOT synced.

By the way, the syncing model will run over and over again by itself, and can do nothing but bother me.

hi @jiutian, sorry you’re experiencing this issue and that no one has followed up with you yet here. I know a few bugs have been fixed since that version of the Android app has been released. if you update the app and log out/log back in, are you still running into this problem?

Thank you very much for your concern! As the App updated, this problem has been solved now. I’m satisfied with the version 1.27.5(547), and I would be active in using it well.