Taxon images in check lists

How do I change the image for a taxon in a place check list?
For example the image for Lobivia arachnacantha in the Florida,SC,BO is of a cultivated specimen in Mexico yet there are several observations, with images, of this species in the wild for that place.

Go here

and delete the cultivated image from the taxon.
It isn’t a Research Grade image.

Thanks. So the image in the checklist is just a random one selected from the taxon images?

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Taxon images are often underwhelming. Where I can I tidy them up.


Many taxon icons were selected before there were any iNat observations of the taxon. Quite a few come from Flickr and other sources of reasonable-to-excellent-quality images with creative commons copyrights.

The selection of RG images is much wider now for most taxa.

OTOH, places with different subspecies must all use the same species-level icon. Since iNat has over 300,000 species, with more being added every day, customizing the checklist image for different places would impose a heavy burden on staff and infrastructure.


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