Taxon page Establishment Means list is incomplete in some cases

For taxa with 100 or fewer Establishment Means listings, the taxon page looks like this:

But if there are more than 100 listings, it will tell you the total number:

This total number is calculated in such a way that it’s not always correct. Specifically, if there are 100 or more listings of introduced/endemic combined, then no native listings are counted. And if there are fewer than 100 introduced/endemic listings, then the number of native listings is capped at 100.

Also, though it’s not really a bug, I find it a bit strange that the database stores the listed_taxa with introduced/endemic listed first, followed by native, and sorted by admin_level within those categories, but the taxon page then sorts them again by admin_level and place name. I’m not sure why it would be sorted in two different places and with two different sort orders.