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I noticed that iNaturalist has placed the mayfly species formerly known as Baetis/Alainites muticus into the genus Takobia. I am curious why this has been done and by who (and based on which paper). Is there any way to find out and get into contact with that person?

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For enquiries like this, the best approach is to directly flag the taxon in iNat so that it maximises the number of curators and other users that see your question and can hopefully answer it

In this specific case:
a) From what I can see, this species has always existed in iNat under the genus Takobia, it was never in Baetis/Alainites within iNat
b) It was imported into iNat from Encyclopedia of Life
c) From a very cursory search, I cannot see why it’s in this genus. The EoL entry for it notes that it’s an unresolved name, and a 2021 paper on Takobia places it in Alainites. So this seems like a good candidate to be swapped into Alainites unless someone else has more insight here than I do (which wouldn’t be unlikely)

so I would recommend flagging the species, maybe tag some of the top mayfly IDers from the region, and then can get the ball rolling for a potential swap

This is very helpfull, thanks.

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Oh hold on I see that Kluge placed it in Takobia again. I will send him an email regarding his opinion.

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