Tetraena vs Zygophyllum

Both POWO and IPNI maintain Zygophyllum. Why has iNaturalist decided against this?

https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/778959-Zygophyllum ?

Maybe you should add links or create a flag to get an specified answer for your question?

Molecular phylogenetic analysis suggested that as previously circumscribed, Zygophyllum was not monophyletic, and the genus was split among a number of other genera, including Augea , Fagonia , Roepera and Tetraena .[4]

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A pity this topic is closed now, but maybe your question is related to the genus Zygophullum, which is yello, not green, and mentioned as ā€˜ā€™ā€™ Deviationā€™ā€™

Yes, questions about specific taxonomic curation should be addressed on iNat itself via flags, so Iā€™m closing the topic here.