The new Andoid app version now uses a very restricted photo picker

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.29.7 (581)

Android version Motorola S3SV32.45-28-1-6 applied on 09 July 2023

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Step 1: Create a new observation

Step 2: Select Image

Step 3: A severly restricted photo picker appears, it only shows a few last photos taken. Maybe the other ones are accessible by traversing the directories, but that is extremely slow, clumsy and without the preview, it is basically impossible to orient in the thousands of photos taken.

This is what I get from iNaturalist:

This is what I get from PlantNET now and what I used to get from iNaturalist before:

Yes, you can share a photo with iNaturalist from some app instead.
No, you cannot use that to add new photos to an existing (even if not uploaded yet) observation.

This makes it practically impossible to upload any significant number of observations from the phone now. Maybe, installing an older version may restore it, but otherwise it is now observations in the future ar much fewer of them.

Closing to focus discussion on the existing topic:

OK, my report was closed so I will reference it here

I would like to stress that the problem I tried to make attention to is NOT just in getting the location.


Actually, I do not even know get access to the photos I would like to add in the first place! It is really important to get the access to the other gallery apps.

It is also important to note that it is NOT caused by Android system update but really by the iNaturalist app update and that other apps on the very same phone are still fine and the last system update happened months ago. Maybe it comes from binding the app with a newer Android API.

I think an older version from apkmirror or similar is the only way to get a functional app at the moment.

Also, there isn’t really any “Browse” available in the menu. The picker does really only show a few last photos and nothing else.

I would like to update that while reverting to 1.29.4 does not get the location back, it does get access to the other Gallery apps that are necessary to actually get to those photos at all.

Since this is clearly a different issue, cannot my report be re-opened?

Sorry, you’re correct in that this is a different issue. However, the version you mention in your original post is a beta release version of the app, so you must be a beta tester. And beta versions often have bugs in them, including this one, which we’re aware about.

If you want to leave the beta testing program, go to Then you’ll be getting the public version of the app, which is currently 1.29.5 (579).

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I am sorry, but the latest version 1.29.14 has the exact same problem. There is no way to get to the better Gallery apps from the picker so selecting anything older than the last 64 photographs is very complicated.