Top identifier leaderboard differences

The leaderboard inside this observation here…is totally different to the leaderboard accessed through the taxon here. Am I just missing something obvious or…?

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i think this is related to Link to top identifiers of that taxon, not observations of that taxon - Feature Requests - iNaturalist Community Forum.

i haven’t dug deeply into your particular case here, but it doesn’t sound to me like there’s a bug here, since i believe the identifiers tab on the Explore page represents something other than the top identifiers for a given taxon. (see the thread noted above.)

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I believe the first leaderboard only shows the ones who have given the most research grade observations, while the second taxon leaderboard shows the people who have given the most IDs of that taxon or lower, but i could be wrong

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this is not correct. the identifiers shown on the Explore / Observation Search page are not tied to a specific taxon or its descendants. they are users who have made any identifications associated with the observations returned by the Explore page. it’s a subtle but important difference, and it’s at the heart of the thread i referenced earlier.


Perhaps the first one is people who have ID’ Icelandic observations, and the other is worldwide?

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In addition, the Top Identifiers section on the right side of observation detail pages only tallies IDs of those taxa+descendants that are on Research Grade observations. (Edit, oop, I see the previous reply stated that difference.) It’d be helpful if there were full descriptions somewhere on the website of what’s being tallied somewhere on the website. If not tooltips, than at least written succinctly somewhere.


Yes… I think a description or tooltip for this would be helpful! I’m still a bit confused tbh :crazy_face:
And just different titles to describe the different sorts of leaderboard perhaps.

Ironically, the use of RG only obs for this taxon mean that the identifier leaderboard presents the top identifier as someone who has actually gone offsite to Bugguide for expertise.
Whereas others like paulbowyer are not listed at all, even though they have experience of keying out from specimens…

Perhaps the RG aspect works better in other taxa though…

Mysteriously, the top identifiers seem to have changed now inside the observation page itself though… JoeFish is now listed - he wasn’t visible at all before …??

Thank you, i see the difference now with the example that @bouteloua gave

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