Top Observers, differing scope

I have noticed a phenomenon or maybe a logical algorithm at work in the Top Observers list. I have started to check species and geographical areas for observations of Solanum Nigrum vs Solanum villosum.
S. Nigrum is always shown with worldwide Top Observers, while s. Villosum observations show local Top Observers. I see the same phenomena for similar euphorbia species in randomly selected areas of US, Europe, and Russia.
Is this the function of browser cookies, if not a iNat algorithm?

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Could you post links or screenshots of what you see?


For the Solanum, could it just be a function of their ranges? It looks like Solanum nigrum has a broader range than Solanum villosum. Maybe Solanum experts from say North America are comfortable IDing instances of S. nigrum from all around the world, but aren’t as confident about less familiar species not found in their geographical area, which they leave to local experts.


Here’s the situation for S Nigrum, for an observation in Washington, DC USA:

and for S Villosum, as displayed for an observation in GA, USA:

Yeah, I see how S. villosum page shows different count from the main page
may it be due to some problem in updating records on one of those pages?

I think this is a result of a criteria in the iNat software accessing the database. It’s not an issue, but really confusing to comprehend the trend in the worldwide statistics.

The thing is observation page shows more ids from a user than the main page, so if it’s the main page that is wrong, it should get attention.

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