Translation issues Critically Imperiled


Critically Imperiled is not translated.

I don’t understand your post optilete

I think you are right, I should use this url:

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That’s right optilete. I posted later in the General catergory, and it seems cmcheatle has corrected the NZ species listing by removing a Global conservation status.,…but I may be using the wrong terminology, so have a look a look there. Thanks for your attention.

Compare (wrong) (right) (wrong)

But I have no idea if and when the software of the .nz will be updated with new translation items.

Thanks optilete. I looked at those. I don’t understand the curation, ie what Globally means, when something is endemic to NZ presumably its status depends on its occurrence in NZ? Or not?

The issue with Gahnia lacera appears to have been one of synonymy with a Hawaiian species, or a change in understanding of the provenance of a Hawaiian species, I am not sure - but see the discussion by cmcheatle who has recorded the issue on the Taxon curation info for Gahnia lacera

What I want to point out is that some labels are not translated in the domain You can choose dutch and I know people from outside New Sealand use it:

Could be that with a new version of the software this issue is automatically resolved… do not spent to much time on it…