Unable to add observations from Monday to the City Nature Challenge

Is the CNC a three day or four day event? From the description, it appears to be a four day event, however, I cannot upload any observations from Monday, only Friday thru Sunday.

Hi Heather, the CNC observation period was Friday through Monday. Can you share a little more about the problem you’re experiencing? Are you referring to the Android app, iOS app, or website? Can you share screenshots and any error messages you’re receiving? Thanks!

I’m trying to upload photos onto the website taken at Apr 29, 2019 · 8:53 AM PDT and have them added to the CNC project. Is this because the CNC ended Sunday at midnight? or is there a system issue?

Here is an example: 24183878


I can see that observation in the San Diego CNC project when I look at all the observations you have in that project: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&project_id=city-nature-challenge-2019-san-diego-county&subview=grid&user_id=heatherstevens&verifiable=any.

What was making you think it wasn’t in the project?

Shew, I took a lot of photos on Monday,this is a relief.

On the observation itself, under the “Projects” area, there is no mention of the CNC like photos taken on Fri thru Sunday.

Ah, okay. I’m not sure why the projects aren’t showing up there but everything is going a little slower for iNat during the CNC, understandably. :grinning: I’m guessing it’ll show up eventually, but for now know that all your observations are making it into the project. Hope you enjoyed the CNC!


:grinning: thanks!

We’re looking into this. I see it missing on my Monday observations too, but rest assured they are being counted in the collection project, which is most important.


I think it may be related to the background processing overload problems. I often notice that observations don’t immediately show as being in a collection project even when I have checked that I have joined it. If I wait and check back (which I do after an hour or so usually) it will show it finally. I put the problem down to delays in the processing of indices during heavy load times.

There are times when the complexity and speed of iNat just boggle the mind, and then others where it is extremely frustrating by comparison to that. When your neigbour paints their house, you notice how badly your own house needs it!

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