Unable to view or select a pinned location on the mobile app at first, if not already created on the desktop

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inaturalist 1.20.11 (442)
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Step 1:
Add observation; choose image; under 'What did you see?" select species, etc
Step 2:
Selection location, click on ‘kebab’ menu, select ‘Choose Pinned Location’: No pinned locations shown (until I went and created them on the desktop first…).

[It now appears that having created a couple of pinned locations on the desktop, I can now create and view pinned locations on the mobile app…]

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That’s a curious scenario, and I’m not familiar with it. Still, I’m there will be a good answer shortly from someone more knowledgeable .

I’m not sure what the bug is here? If you haven’t created a pinned location, then you can’t choose one.

In the kebab menu, choose “Pin Current Location” if you don’t have any pinned locations. Once you pin one, it will show up in the “Choose Pinned Location” menu.