Unfiltered observations and species search results slowing iNat speed (Explore, Identify, Suggestions)

I agree with the comment you quoted. There were a few other comments there that somewhat questioned whether there were slowness issues at all or whether certain proposed causes were actual causes, and one of your first replies mostly only stated that causes needed to be specified more clearly without confirming any in particular that I mentioned. I also mentioned the specific causes I listed in the current topic vin comments on other topics long ago (forget where) but they were never confirmed, which is why I asked again here. Note that someone not engaged in site programming can only ask if each cause is contributing without initially knowing. I was also asking here not only as a question, but given that the causes do contribute to slowness to simply raise the concept to anyone working on the site in case it wasn’t already known. It may well already have been known or anticipated, but ensuring that was why I wrote this. I haven’t yet set out to learn programming beyond basics. Your reply above “You question has been answered” seems blunter that you respond to at least most other members, but more importantly seems to intend to stifle or end discussion. You also made similar comments when I noted map location search problems in another of my past topics, except that was an actual problem which you contested initially. Given that the location issues I raised were actually real, it also explains why members seem to raise location issues regularly now on forum independent of me.

I above asked if you work on iNat programming (which you didn’t answer) not to criticize iNat or whoever’s working on it including you, but because you seem to reply to topics/comments about speed or location issues as if under personal critique. It would be better to just let people discuss these things. We technically don’t know how much of what I’ve mentioned is widely acknowledged or if alternatives have been considered (like my suggestion to not let the pages show taxa until location and taxon has first been selected). I’d be more interested in hearing perspectives from more people instead of having to assume “question answered.”

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when i look out my window down the block, i see a big oak tree with mostly bare branches swaying in the wind. it looks like there are buds, but i can’t tell if they’ve broken yet because it’s kind of cloudy. so it’s just dark brown against a smoky white. earlier, there were woodpeckers pecking at the tree. one of them had a bright red patch on its head, which i could see even at this distance against the brown and white. but even if hadn’t seen the birds with my eyes, i heard them making their distinctive pips, and i knew exactly what they looked like. some people don’t like woodpeckers pecking at their trees because they think they damage their trees, and surely it would be tragedy if a big oak branch fell onto someone’s head. when a branch falls, will it be because of a pair of woodpeckers in love? will it be because of the tasty bugs who love the tasty bark? will it be because of a hurricane that blows through? or will it be because of a human who loves the feeling of power while wielding a chainsaw?


What’s this about, or was this intended for another forum page?


@benarmstrong @naturalist_aditya @ivanmunks @zdanko Care to explain the meaning of pisum’s post you liked? Looks like an insult.

@brian_d – no need to assume sinister motives. there are no insults in my last post. my last post was just me taking a moment to connect with nature and sharing my stream of consciousness. i assume other folks liked it because they appreciated the shared moment.


Why would your reply to my comment be to share your stream of consciousness?

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sometimes it helps to take a break


It seems implausible that you would reply to me with an unexplained stream of consciousness ending with “or will it be because of a human who loves the feeling of power while wielding a chainsaw?” It also seems implausible that others would assume you’d reply to people with unrelated content and that everyone will somehow think that makes sense in the way you claim.

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ok. i’m going to excuse myself from this thread altogether. if you think my post was insulting, feel free to flag it. see you elsewhere in the forum.

I just thought it was an interesting sentiment :person_shrugging: and a nice break from the more serious topic



It was indeed a refreshing moment. It measurably improved my day when I read it. My like was a token of my appreciation.

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I’m with you as I’m also interested in what you asked and it would be nice to see answers, even if they consist of “I don’t want to talk about it”.


Me three. Admin usually nudges - please stay on topic.


This is something that one can manage individually under Settings - Account. I have my Default Search Place set as a place for which I feel rather confident doing general identifications - mine is a community curated place. This does not limit species but it does limit the amount of observations that are being initially loaded, therefore at least perceptually speeding the load. If everyone did set this limitation as they set up their account, maybe things would improve. A possible suggestion understanding this would be a default taxon setting in Accounts. This being said, there is a learning curve to iNaturalist and one has to be aware that one default setting is not good for all. I have many, many Browser Bookmarks for iNaturalist navigation just to speed up the process and use projects (traditional, collection, and umbrella) or make projects to supplement this. Further fine tuning by repeatedly using How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs - wiki part 1 of 2 speeds up my process.

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You may be correct, although I wonder if default search place could potentially slow speed itself, although I’m unsure. The reason I wonder is I think staff said setting place and taxon Subscriptions may slow speed, so it may depend on how similar those are to what you described. I mostly use Identify to ID although I occasionally use Explore to find some information. For me it helps to be able to search all taxa and locations. Having them all show up by default isn’t necessary though. I also grant that it does make sense why iNat would want to show all observations at once (if speed wasn’t affected), so there are pros and cons.

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Possibly, but as with you, I am unsure. However, if my iNaturalist Network Affiliation was iNaturalist Canada, which it isn’t, I believe my Default Search Place would be Canada. The reason it is not my affiliation is that the scope of place default identification with the regional affiliation was far beyond my personal regional experience and I felt I was better served by using iNaturalist.org. Now I feel if I had just set default place to Pacific Northwest Coast Zone it would have suited me better. I would switch back to iNaturalist.ca but I now have more than the recommended observations.

My point here is if all affiliations are set up the way I assume they are, by having a preset Default Search Place, this would not make sense if it were known that default search place do slow speed.

I see, and it sounds like that isn’t known to slow speed.

Lol same

It’s still seems implausible that someone’s reply would be unrelated to the person it was to, but this has already been discussed so I’ll leave it at that.

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