Wasp checklists

Crabronidae (Square-headed Wasps, Sand Wasps, and Allies)


Ichneumonidae (Ichneumonid Wasps)

Sphecidae (Thread-waisted Wasps)





Vespidae (Vespid Wasps)

Eumeninae (Potter and Mason Wasps)

Polistinae (Paper Wasps)

Stenogastrinae (Hover Wasps)

Vespinae (Hornets and Yellowjackets)

Key: parentheses: total taxa; asterisk: iNaturalist contributed to new records, I: incomplete list, brackets: sources.
Wasp definition: Apocrita excluding Anthophila and Formicoidea

Bee checklists and checklist FAQ’s link.

Are you intending to separate bees from wasps? and therefore changing the title of the other?
If so possibly consider the organization framework used for How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs - wiki part 1 of 2

Yes, but the title of the other one can’t be edited now, too much time passed, unless someone can override it. It was also running out of max. character space. I added a message and link to the bottom to direct readers to this page for wasps.

Just to nit-pick :), is it not tautologous to say “Apocrita excluding Symphyta”?


Good catch, corrected. That was since I originally wrote Hymenoptera instead of Apocrita.

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One update: please see the way I’ve been working on Vespidae and separating subfamilies. I’m trying to think of ways to organize checklists so they’re more feasible to complete for one taxonomic group at a time, given that wasps are so speciose.

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