What do iNaturalists think about the website called LifeGate?

I have not yet managed to find any mention of this interesting website called Lifegate on the iNat forum.


The owners of this site require good photos of various taxa, which perhaps iNaturalists or iNaturalist could provide.

Personally as an end user of both sites, I would like to see some links between the iNaturalist and LifeGate and some collaboration.
Is there any collaboration already and would collaboration have any value ?

LifeGate looks pretty and interesting, but really what use does it have ?
It does show relative numbers of species in a genus, family or order.

I wonder what the originators and other end users of iNat and LifeGate think about this ?

Tony Benn ( aka Botswanabugs)

Interesting idea. Not a fan of the visual representation, it’s very “cluttered” and kinda messy with the images jammed in everywhere.

Found some mistakes in the Trachypithecus portion in primates, but that’s, unfortunately, common.


cool idea, but unfortunately trying to zoom in on arthropoda was absolute chaos


Hmmm, nice idea but I agree that the interface is way too cluttered (the website also starts working super slowly when I zoom in because of the enormous amount of images)
Only had a brief look and already saw errors in Liverworts (Marchantiophyta) classification, I wonder if they accept help?

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The about page is quite uninformative. I expected to find some discussion of existing approaches and how they compare (pros and cons) with this new approach. As it is, I can’t see any obvious practical advantages over a standard phylogenetic tree.

Apparently, the site “aims to combine up-to-date phylogenetic knowledge with a graphical display of the richness and aesthetics of life on Earth”. However, the kaleidoscopic layout of the images singularly fails to achieve that (to put it mildly).


I agree, I don’t see any kind of phylogenetic representation–no branching diagrams showing relationships.


I like this site better. Simple, visual instructions plus link outs to Wikipedia, EOL, Occurence, Genetics, etc. (when available) https://www.onezoom.org/
Search for a taxon by scientific name. When the taxon leaf appears go to the lower left of the screen and click the information icon for instructions on how to use.
I suggest changing the search mode in settings to jump rather than fly. Try them both and you’ll see why.
Click on your taxon leaf for a pop up with Wiki and other link outs.
It can be a bit slow…so be patient.

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Agreed. It gives greater emphasis to the branching relationships, which makes it much easier to see where you are and where you’ve been. The spiralling animation from the search is quite impressive, although it can be quite slow when navigating to an individual species in a distant part of the tree.

This site seems much a better fit (in terms of appearance and aims) with iNat than LifeGate. However, it appears that EOL is currently fulfilling the role that iNat might have had.

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It does not work on my phone properly. And there are some species they don’t have that I have photos of! :(

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