What does it mean when a country is outlined in yellow?

I was following up my observation of Draparnaud’s Glass Snail by looking for where else it has been seen, and I got this:

Now, the red squares, I know are observation points. But the country Ecuador is outlined in yellow, without and red squares. What does that signify? It is certainly not the country of origin; the species was originally described from France and Italy.

Something to do with checklists I think. Might be that it’s been manually added without observations. Also this species is best IDed by dissection so most/all observations are probably not actually verifiable (in introduced regions at least). Best to stick to genus.


As I remember yeah, species in the checklist, but no observations.


for example, this is the range map of Cosmophasis lami, the only one ( except for L. fulica of course) I can always confidently ID, has Japan in yellow, because it is recorded ( see here ) but iNat hasn’t got to observe it yet.

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