What does the name between () mean

When I enter a name I sometimes see the name double. What does the first and the (second name) mean?

Wikke Uil

I believe this happens when there are more than one name on file for a taxon.

In the first example, the orange circle is around the description made by the observer. They said it’s a navadna madenika. The red circle indicates that that common name has been associated with the taxon identified by the scientific name Melittis melissophyllum for the language Slovenian.

In the second example, you’ll notice the “duplicates” all have different combinations of capital letters. They represent different versions/spellings of the same Dutch common name that have been associated with those taxa, as @gheaton said.


Wikke-Uil is the name generated by iNaturalist and Wikke-uil is the common name added in taxonomie…

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