What is the most rare or interesting interaction between multiple animals you have seen?

Fifty something years ago I was working for a biologist in the Florida Keys. We would climb mangrove trees, in Florida Bay, and collect insects to determine how many species lived on each island. Most island were a single mangrove tree growing in shallow water. One day I was up in a tree with a good view of a shallow grass flat many acres in extent. I saw something swimming rapidly across the flat leaving a large wake. It turned out to be a medium sized bottlenose dolphin being chased by a shark. They were about the same size. Swimming as fast as they could. The shark right on the dolphins tail. I watched till they were out of site. Still swimming as fast as they could.


When I was passing through Idaho last month, my family stopped at a cliff overlook in a National Conservation Area that we knew had a lot of bird activity. There weren’t very many birds of prey, but there were lots of ravens. One of them was flying overhead when we noticed it was carrying something - a snake! Then it dropped it, dived down after it, and searched around in the rocks for a long time before giving up. It flew back up and started hunting over the fields, and in less than five minutes returned with a second snake! This one it was able to hang on to. It landed on the rocks and started eating it. When another raven flew down, presumably the first one’s mate, they both ate and played with the snake.


We need more of that kind of ant.

  1. A Gharial is basking in the Sun. Two Indian Black Turtles want to go up.
  2. First Turtle choose not to go by the side avoiding the Gharial. He hits the Snout of the
    Gharial to give way.
  3. The Gharial got disturbed and annoyed.
  4. But he gave way to the Turtle, moving his Snout.
  5. The Turtle is not happy with that gesture.
  6. He chose to go over the Gharial’s neck.
  7. Done, however, the Gharial didn’t mind.
  8. The second Turtle is thinking. What will he do now?
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