What Is the Most Unusual Weather That You Have Witnessed?

Once, while I was in Denmark, they had a very unusual autumn storm with hurricane force winds. It tore the copper roof off a very old church, broke many trees, threw heavy ceramic roofing tiles around, etc.

I was walking home as the storm started and was overtaken by a dust devil, not much more than human sized, full of fallen leaves. The leaves whirled all around me for ten seconds or so, then moved on. My pockets, the collar of my shirt, even the cuffs of my pants were left all full of wet leaves.


Not so harrowing, as I knew nothing about what I was doing (if they’d known my folks might have found it harrowing). When I was in college, I worked as a waitress one summer in Provincetown, MA. A hurricane came near Cape Cod, which ~fascinated~ me as I never expected to experience such (being from California). The local kids all recommended going out to walk as the eye of the hurricane passed over, promising it would be serene and eerily quiet. When the wind quieted a bit, I left to go for a walk with another California friend, but I reckoned we left too early. Walking into the wind was weird; we were strong girls and we could hardly make headway against the wind. We were on a pier and enjoyed the novelty and challenge, but decided not to risk being blown into the water. I felt amazed ~like I had 7-league boots~ walking back with the hurricane! Each step, the wind propelled us near to the length of our bodies. It was exhilarating!

When we got back, it turned out the wind blew out a couple of the windows in our apartment, which was an eyebrow lifter for me.